Dette indlæg blev optaget på Faglig Fredag den 27. oktober 2023. Indlægget er på engelsk.


Some areas in Danske Bank utilizes the AppDynamics product for surveillance, incident reporting and troubleshooting. The runtime environment is based on Openshift private cloud, Java Spring Boot, MS SQL Server and RabbitMQ. Since the various squads are setup as DevOps, the developers are directly involved in setup and operation of AppDynamics.

This talk touches upon the some experiences and learnings, such as getting an overview in near-real time, avoiding false alerts, monitoring error rates, specifying thresholds, setup tasks etc. For those experienced with Grafana/Prometheus or others, this is an opportunity to learn about an alternative or perhaps a supplement.

Peder Madsen

Peder Madsen

Chief Software Engineer

Peder Madsen is a Java developer in Danske Bank, specializing in Spring Boot and Openshift based private cloud. He has 40+ years IT experience, developing in a wide range of technologies. Currently he is one of the developers maintaining the identity and contact information parts of Danske Bank customers, which counts approximately 15 million personal and business customers, primarily located in the Nordic region.