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Kim Nielsen: Business Process Automation without the pain (English)

Udgivet d. 24. april 2020 af Kim Nielsen

Oplægget er optaget på Faglig Fredag hos Lund&Bendsen A/S, den 24/04-2020

Having been involved in projects revolving around Business Process handling and execution for more than a decade, I’ve experienced how such an endeavour is perceived – and approached, first hand. The typical scenario is that the focus shifts from an otherwise reasonable division of IT and Business responsibility, to becoming “business only”, once a project is marked as having a Business Process Management (BPM)/workflow nature – and at the same time the imagined complexity skyrockets. Involving the IT department is almost seen as an antipattern, and the need for huge, complex and very costly vendor proprietary products – as well as external consultants, is deemed the panacea.

In the same way that an agile approach nowadays is accepted as being the better choice for most software development efforts, so it should be when business process handling is involved. Therefore, it must be ensured that the development model is built around the core agile principles, which I see as: clear intent, short feedback loops and trust. I’ll present a possible path based on the techniques mentioned above, and supported by appropriate tool-stacks and platforms, which enables the promises of changeability and fast time-to-market that the heavyweight, vendor-driven platforms haven’t delivered.