Andrii Klymovych: A report from the cyber battlefield of Ukraine

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Dette indlæg blev optaget på Faglig Fredag den 18. august 2023.


The full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine has caused numerous issues in the field of cybersecurity and underlined the importance of IT infrastructure. In early 2022, Russia carried out multiple cyberattacks aimed at disrupting critical infrastructure in Ukraine. The country could have lost control due to the destruction of its computer infrastructure. In such a scenario, Ukraine would not have been able to withstand Russian aggression. However a big and successful effort has been made to counter the attacks and today Ukraine still has a working IT infrastructure although very different from the one prior to February 2022.

In my presentation, I will give an overview of the cyberwarfare situation in Ukraine and cover these topics:

  • Examples of Russian cyberattacks and the efforts to counter them
  • The migration of critical public IT applications to the (public) cloud
  • The migration of Privatbank’s services to AWS
Andrii Klymovych

Andrii Klymovych

Andrii Klymovych is a lawyer by profession with 12 years of experience from Ukraine. He relocated to Denmark in May 2022 due to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine and has turned a lifelong passion for IT into an IT career focusing on cyber security and compliance. He’s currently working as an IT support specialist at Zealand, Academy of Technologies and Business (Roskilde).

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