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Erik Lund Jensen: Going Kubernetes Native with OpenShift

Udgivet d. 22. februar 2019 af Erik Lund Jensen

Optaget på Faglig Fredag hos Lund&Bendsen A/S, den 22/02-2019.

Erik Lund Jensen will first give a short presentation of OpenShift / Kubernetes – what is new in OpenShift 4, which is about to be released. The major topics are replacement of ‘Docker Daemon with CRI-O’ and ‘RHEL & CoreOS’ and he will also briefly touch the new installation process enabled by containerization of Kubernetes it selves.

Next he will take you on a tour through Kubernetes Operators and OpenShift Operators SDK. Operators are used for managing (complex) deployments to OpenShift clusters. The demo shows Operators written in Go (Golang) and therefore the tour will also cover how to construct Go Jenkins agents.

Besides the technical presentation Erik will cover why Operators are important and how they can simplify the management of deployment to Kubernetes.

Erik Lund Jensen har mange års erfaring med software udvikling. Erik har været med på rejsen fra microservices og Docker til Kubernetes og cloud-native løsninger.