Jeppe Cramon: Messaging, Distributed systems principles and horror stories

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Oplægget er optaget hos Danske Bank den 09/11-2021.

Join me on a journey of distributed system principles spiced up with a few horror stories of how bad it can go. We will start by looking at why everyone’s favorite request-response style integration is deeply problematic, how messaging can solve many of the issues we’re facing and finally how events can play a crucial role in building adaptable loosely coupled services.

Jeppe Carmon profil

Jeppe Cramon


Jeppe har mere end 25 års erfaring som softwareudvikler og har arbejdet intensivt med distribuerede arkitekturer de sidste 16 år. Hans kompetencer dækker bla. Domain Driven Design, Event Modeling, Event Driven Architecture, Event Sourcing, Microservices og Autonomous Components.