Oplægget er optaget på Faglig Fredag hos Lund & Bendsen A/S, den 23/08-2019

Distributed tracing, also called distributed request tracing, is a method used to profile and monitor applications, especially those built using a microservices architecture. Distributed tracing helps pinpoint where failures occur and what causes poor performance. IT and DevOps teams can use distributed tracing to monitor applications. Distributed tracing is particularly well-suited to debugging and monitoring modern distributed software architectures, such as microservices. Developers can use distributed tracing to help debug and optimize their code.

In my presentation I will focus on OpenTracing — an open-source standard for implementing distributed tracing. OpenTracing allows developers to add instrumentation to their application code using APIs that do not lock them into any one particular product or vendor. The presentation will showcase a demo of multiple instrumented tiers in a typical application scenario and inspection of resulting traces.