Sinisa Neskovic: Advanced React (English)

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Optaget på Faglig Fredag hos Lund&Bendsen A/S, den 04/03-2022.

Without understanding the underlying fundamental architectural principles of React, it can be very challenging to grasp details of many different React concepts and comprehend which of them to apply when. This short presentation will give a glimpse of some of the most fundamental principles upon which React relies, explain some advanced features of React components and clarify their usage and possible peculiar behavior.

Sinisa Neskovic

Sinisa Neskovic


Sinisa Neskovic has a background of an IT practitioner with over 30 years of experience as an enterprise and software architect, designer and developer of complex software systems, but also of a university professor with a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in business information systems and software engineering. At the moment, Sinisa is a part-time lecturer at DTU and ITU, where he teaches courses in advanced programming, databases and software frameworks and architectures for the web.