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Lucas Lundgren: The way of the Keyboard

Udgivet d. 25. november 2021 af Lena Ægidius

Oplægget er optaget til SAOS hos Lund&Bendsen A/S den 04/11-2021.


This talk is going to be a buffet of IT Security issues from Lucas 24 years
as a hacker, pentester and security aficionado. This will include old problems, that are still very much relevant today, it will include the time when he was hunted by government agencies. It will contain
vulnerabilities that are too sensitive to disclose to the world. Due to some of the sensitive nature, this part of the talk will not be recorded. Lucas will show you how to weaponize attacks with 5-10 lines of code that can break Internet. He will introduce concepts that will be a paradigm shift in the way you think about hacking, security and secure- coding, and how to earn an extra buck doing some bughunting.

Speakers profile:

Lucas Lundgren started breaking things at the age of twelve, and has reported numerous vulnerabilities since then, working with global security leaders including IOActive USA and NCCGroup to name a few. Flown around the world working for clients such as Microsoft, Apple, Visa, SAP and Amazon. Breaking into physical locations and finding 0day vulnerabilities. Lucas is Primarily focused on penetration testing, fuzzing, and exploit development no matter the platform.