Thomas Trebbien Pedersen


I’m a senior system developer/architect focusing on internet projects and web applications, and has in recent years primarily worked in the automotive, financial, banking, pension, insurance, shipping and public sector. I’ve full stack experience with main focus on frontend development using Angular and strong competencies in both Java and .NET backend development. Worked intensively with all aspects of frontend development and design, including Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, Responsive web apps, HTML5, CSS3, browser compatibility and several web frameworks such as Angular Material, Bootstrap. Furthermore, very good knowledge and experience developing applications using Node/Express, Cloud architectures such as Google Firebase, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. I’m a flexible person that can quickly and smoothly find my ways through complex and challenging assignments and is very good at quickly acquiring required domain knowledge needed to solve a particular task. Able to quickly get up-to-speed in a new project. Thanks to my high interpersonal skills I get along very well with colleagues and co-workers who can always count on my helping hand. Capable of working under stress situations, I find it easy to stay focused and ask the right questions. I’m a skilled, experienced and effective developer whose sense of humour is always appreciated.

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